Aqueous Cleaners

Stamping Oils and Punching Oils

• Stamping
• Punching

Usage Guidelines
• Neat stamping or punching oils to be applied directly
• Mix the stamping or punching oil in soft water in recommended proportion
• Stamping oil or punching oil is poured onto the components and are stamped or punched

• Neat oils are fast evaporative and leave less residue
• Neat oils have excellent anti-wear additives which also give you excellent tool life
• Water soluble, so reduces consumption drastically
• No rust even if the components are stacked on each other
• Less residue on the component
• Eco-friendly

RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) Certified*

Technical Details

* These certificates are generated for the requirements of specific customers and will be made available
  only on demand.
* Technical Details to be disclosed on Demand.