Aqueous Cleaners

Rust Removers

• Unmachined Forging / Casting
• Machined Forging / Casting
• HR/CR Sheet ( Press Component / Welded Assemblies )
• Sintered Product
• Drawn Wire
• Fastners
• Gears, Shafts

Usage Guidelines
• Dip the component for several minutes in the solution
• Take out the component and easily wipe it out by cloth if the rust is not deep or scrub it out if the rust
  is very old and deep
• To remove the rust inside the tap or drill holes or boring holes, use a brush

• Easy process
• Rust is removed instantly without much hard work, which reduces time consumption
• Patented technology for removal of rust without any material loss

Patented technology

Technical Details

* These certificates are generated for the requirements of specific customers and will be made available
  only on demand.
* Technical Details to be disclosed on Demand.