Aqueous Cleaners

Rust Preventive Oils

• For all ferrous and non-ferrous metals
• In-house long duration storages
• Intermediate rust protection during different operations
• Domestic transportation by road, sea or air
• Export transportation by sea or air
• Leak testing
• Passivation

Usage Guidelines
• Components can be dipped in rust preventive oil before packing them in polythene bags
• Rust preventive oil can be applied by brush or cloth or even sprayed onto the components before
  packing them in polythene bags
• Water soluble rust preventive oils can be mixed in water at recommended concentrations and
  components can be dipped in the emulsion and can be packed in polythene bags
• It is advisable to store the components in corrugated boxes for better protection

• Easy to apply and remove
• Faster and more coverage means less consumption
• Low on odour
• Variety of products for various requirements
• Water base rust preventive oils reduce consumption drastically and are eco-friendly
• No need to use expensive VCI bags which means reduction in cost
• Film thickness not more than 2-3 microns

• Salt spray, Cabinet Humidity and Dry Film Thickness test certificates and customer end test

Technical Details

* These certificates are generated for the requirements of specific customers and will be made available
  only on demand.
* Technical Details to be disclosed on Demand.