Aqueous Cleaners

EDM Oils and Wire - Cut EDM Corrosion Inhibitors

• As Di - electric media in Electric Discharge Machines ( EDM )
• As corrosion inhibition in Wire - cut Electric Discharge Machines

Usage Guidelines
For Electric Discharge Machines :
• Pour our EDM Oil as it is in the machine tank and start the machine

For Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machines :
• Remove old solution from the machine and clean the tank as well as machine walls
• Mix 0.5% to 1.0% maximum in the De - Mineralized ( DM ) water used in the machine
• Start the machine normally
• Top up the solution every day along with the De - Mineralized water in the same proportion to get the
  consistent results

For Wire - cut EDM :
• High Flash Point
• Colourless and Odourless
• Low viscosity for better dust and burr removal
• Special product for Graphite electrodes for better dust and burr carry over

For EDM :
• Corrosion free or rust free components even after cutting it in DM Water
• Keeps the machine's walls carbon free so reduces machine cleaning frequency and downtime
• Does not change the conductivity of the machine
• Does not react or affect the resin
• Eco-friendly

RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) Certified*

Technical Details
• DEF-92
• DEF-607-SS

* These certificates are generated for the requirements of specific customers and will be made available
  only on demand.
* Technical Details to be disclosed on Demand.