Aqueous Cleaners

Drawing Oils

• Deep Drawing and Shallow Drawing
• Water base and neat oils
• HR / CR Sheet ( Press Component / Welded Assemblies )
• Sintered Product
• Drawn Wire
• Fastners
• Gears, Shafts

Usage Guidelines
For Neat Drawing Oil :
• Directly apply it on the component by brush
• Place the component under the hammer for draw
• Simply spray the water on the component to remove the drawing oil residue

For Water Soluble Drawing Oil :
• Mix the oil in recommended proportion in soft water (upto 300 ppm)
• Apply it on the component by brush
• Spray the water or cleaning chemical to remove the drawing oil residue

For Neat Drawing Oils :
• Easy to apply as it is fluidic and not paste like in nature
• Easy to remove as it can be removed by using water only, so your cleaning chemical cost is reduced
• No need to apply rust preventive oil, so your rust preventive oil cost is reduced

For Water Soluble Drawing Oils :
• Fluidic in nature, hence easily mixes with soft water
• Cost effective as against conventional neat oils as consumption is reduced
• No rust even if the components are stacked on each other
• Eco-friendly

RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) Certified*

Technical Details

* These certificates are generated for the requirements of specific customers and will be made available
  only on demand.
* Technical Details to be disclosed on Demand.